Monday, 16 May 2016

Why I Haven’t Fixed Your Issue Yet

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Hi there. You opened an issue with my project on GitHub, and it’s getting kind of stale by now.

I am aware of it – GitHub was kind enough to send me an email containing your report, which I scanned one morning a couple of weeks ago while I ate breakfast. I’ve even thought about it briefly a couple of times since then; once I was in the shower and I got the vague idea that I knew what caused it – but I wasn’t sure because I could not recall the specifics

Of course, you knew none of this. You may have wondered if your issue – which may be critical to your current project – has been lost to the void. Allow me a few minutes to explain why you’ve not heard anything from me.

A couple of years ago, I was a freelancer and father to a new baby. The freelance hours provided me with flexibility and the baby was conveniently immobile and fairly docile. I started writing libraries and publishing them on GitHub. Seeing people use my code was and is exciting and rewarding. Collecting stars on GitHub is a guilty pleasure just as with any other kind of “fake internet points”. I had plenty of time to work on issues and improvements, and I would generally respond to (and often fix) issues within a day or two.

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